Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War

AHHHH, it has been way too long since the last time I blogged! I am now officially a junior at San Diego State University and couldn't feel more accomplished. y favorite class is Sociology, but I'm not too sure it I like it because my professor is very passionate (of this subject matter) or because our society is really that corrupt. For extra credit he has assigned our class a few documentaries to watch and discuss it afterwards. So far we have done Super Size Me, Sicko, Food Inc. and most recently, The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War.

I must admit, I am taken by the passion these directors have to point out mass problems with the American society. The last film brought me to a place I do not favor to talk about, but rather try to forget; Iraq. Although I wasn't injured physically, I have been scarred eternally and psychologically. Unlike many people who oppose the war, we jut do what we're told so you don't have to put your life on the line and be separated from your family.


I definately do not agree with what the Department of Defense spends money on, but people NEED to realize they don't need to cut back on military pay (the enlisted members suffer the most), they need to pay the freakin contractors less and maybe even diminish some of those contracts. On a side note, I do have friends that are contractors who get paid well more than many of my service member friends, but do a whole lot of nothing; this is the sickening reality of or nation's beaucracy. These corporations are making biliions of dollars while defrauding the government so they make ultimate profit. Call me crazy but we need to elliminate many!

Next to these overpaid contractors, we have these greedy politicians in congress and the presidency whom send servicemembers oversees and can't give a dang when they return. Whatever happened to support the troops? Well, maybe support them not in parades to help your campaign for reelection, but PTSD and trauma relaed disbilities. We all may act fine and dandy, but it takes someone to commit suicide to release their stress from dehumanizaton and brainwash by the military. It's not the people you need to hate for serving in the military when we just do what we're told, but the country for in which we do it for.

I hope my husband's tour in the Middle East will be a smooth one..

~ Semper Fidelis ~

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